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Software Development, Decomposer

Radforschung has been analyzing data and interfaces in mobility for several years. The focus is on public transport data and data from bike and e-scooter sharing. With the goal of improving digital information and links between different forms of mobility, the team analyzed a wide variety of apps and interfaces from e-scooter providers. The analysis also revealed security gaps in the apps and interfaces.

The (data) exchange of mobility providers with cities and making the data available as OpenData is also an important topic to enable the (digital) linking of transport modes. This topic has been successfully brought to the attention of cities with many articles on the Mobility Data Specification on and the team's proposals have been included in the cooperation agreements of many cities.

To demonstrate how a sharing system can work with open data, the team is developing an open source bikesharing system at the city of Ulm, where open interfaces and connectivity play a central role. In developing the system, the team encountered serious security gaps in electronic bikesharing locks.

The team is also documenting reverse engineering projects outside the field of mobility as part of a larger team at