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Dr. Suzanna Randall

Astrophysicst - ARC Scientist, ESO European Southern Observatory, Garching

Suzanna Randall is fascinated by the infinite and the unknown. She strives for new insights, wants to discover alien worlds and become the first German woman to fly into space. Since 2018, the astrophysicist has been preparing intensively for a stay on the ISS. There she wants to conduct physiological experiments and investigate the effects of microgravity on the female organism. As a passionate natural scientist who grew up bilingual, is a team player, in good health and athletic, she already meets many of the requirements for this mission. The Rhinelander also focuses on galaxies and planetary systems in her professional life. At the ESO in Garching near Munich, she explores pulsating stars with the help of ALMA - one of the largest telescopes on Earth. Since 2020, Suzanna Randall has also been communicating scientific topics on the ZDF YouTube channel "TerraX Lesch & Co". She wants to excite young people - especially women - about STEM subjects.