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Shirin Fahimi


As an Iranian-Canadian artist, Shirin Fahimi explores the occult sciences' impact and mysticism in empowering the female presence in the political, spiritual and digital domains. The mysticism literature and magic inform her study from Islamic culture in Iranian society. Since 2016, she has developed her practice into a body of works, primarily video installations, performances, and augmented reality series based on the Islamic, binary code method of divination called Ilm-al-Raml geomancy. By showcasing a fictional persona of Umm-al-Raml, a female geomancer, she challenges the lack of female prophecy within Islamic literature and the lack of such a figure in the Islamophobic digital space.Her recent augmented reality project has been created as part of Akademie Schloss Solitude web residency No.14 Post-doom on 2021. Her 3D scan model of the fictional persona of Umm-al-Raml was developed at a month-long residency at Banff Centre in 2019.