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Dr. Sarah Oeste-Reiß

AI junior research group leader 'HyMeKI' at University of Kassel & Scientific Center for Information Technology Design (ITeG)

Sarah Oeste-Reiß is a junior research group leader at the FG Wirtschaftsinformatik of the University of Kassel and the ITeG. Her research focuses on collaboration engineering, human-machine collaboration, peer learning, and hybrid intelligence. She pursues a socio-technical research approach to design, test and implement AI-based human-machine collaboration practices in application fields of knowledge work and digital learning. Currently, Sarah Oeste-Reiß leads the BMBF-funded research group "Hybridization of Human and Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Work (HyMeKI)". Together with her team, she is addressing issues such as the redistribution of work tasks between humans and AI-based assistance systems within collaboration and learning processes, as well as the development and testing of design patterns to promote mutual learning between humans and AI-based assistance systems.