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Dr. Nishtha Srivastava

Research Group Leader and Research Fellow in Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Dr. Nishtha Srivastava studied mathematics and geophysics at Banaras Hindu University and subsequently completed her PhD at the Advanced Computational Seismology Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur with a thesis on the site effects of ground shaking from near- and far-field earthquakes. Nishtha joined Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies in 2018 where she established the foundation for research at the interface of seismology and artificial intelligence, a novel field of research as part of the highly innovative research focus "Artificial Intelligence in Science and Technology." Currently from the funding obtained from BMBF, Dr. Srivastava is leading a research group which seeks to sustainably improve the early warning system for earthquakes by applying AI methods, as well as general seismic signal analysis.