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Katharina Weitz

Research Associate at the Chair of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, University of Augsburg

Katharina Weitz completed training as a state-certified educator and worked for several years as an educator in kindergarten, open full day school, and in work with young adults in youth welfare before studying computer science and psychology at the University of Bamberg. Since 2018, she has been working at the Chair of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence at the University of Augsburg. Here, she researches methods to make artificial intelligence (AI) explainable and transparent for humans. She is particularly interested in whether and how these explanations change the ideas that people have about AI. In addition to her research activities, communicating knowledge about AI to a broad public is a major concern for her. In addition to science slams and workshops, she has already published several books in which she conveys basic knowledge about computer science and AI to young people in a vivid and playful way.