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Dr. Jörn Hees

Senior Researcher / Team Leader Multimedia Analysis and Data Mining (MADM), DFKI

Jörn Hees studied Computer Science at the H-BRS (Bachelor) and the TU Kaiserslautern (Master & PhD Program), always with a keen interest in AI. In his PhD thesis "Simulating Human Associations with Linked Data" in the intersection of Psychology, Knowledge Graphs, Data Mining, and Machine Learning he analyzed large knowledge graphs in order to be able to reproduce an important part of human thinking, namely association (dog - cat). Already during his PhD studies he became a researcher at the DFKI and contributed to various research and industry projects. He joined the Multimedia Analysis and Data Mining team in the SDS group as an expert in the area of Knowledge Graphs with the intention to combine knowledge with multi-modal ML approaches and soon found himself in and later leading one of the first DFKI teams heavily applying and advancing Deep Learning technologies in areas such as Computer Vision, GPU HPC, Image Captioning, ESC, VQA, XAI, RL, GANs, OD, Embeddings & Graph Mining.