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Prof. Dr. Iyad Rahwan

Director Center for Humans and Machines, Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Iyad Rahwan is a director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and an honorary professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin.

Rahwan's work lies at the intersection of computer science and human behavior, with a focus on collective intelligence, large-scale cooperation, and the societal impact of Artificial Intelligence and social media. His early work explored how  social media can be used to achieve unprecedented feats, such as searching an entire continent within 9 hours, and re-assembling shredded documents.  Recently, Rahwan led a team that crowdsourced 40 million decisions from people worldwide about the ethics of autonomous vehicles. Through a series of projects, he also exposed tens of millions of people world-wide to new implications of AI, such as bias in machine learning, human-AI creativity and the ability of AI to induce fear and empathy in humans at scale.