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Dr. Hector Zenil

Director of Oxford Immune Algorithmics and Lab Leader at the Algorithmic Dynamics Lab, Karolinska Institute

Dr. Hector Zenil founded the area of Algorithmic Information Dynamics as a senior mathematician (faculty member) at Oxford University, and is the Director of Oxford Immune Algorithmics where AI is applied to transform immune health monitoring.

He holds a BSc in Mathematics (UNAM), a Masters in Logic (ENS/Paris), a PhD in Computer Science (Lille), and a PhD in Epistemology (Sorbonne). He has over 20 years of experience in academia & industry in 6 countries from NASA Payload team member at MIT for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite to test health and behavioural effects of artificial microgravity on mammals to helping develop the factual answering AI engine behind Siri and Alexa reporting to WolframAlpha's CEO to publishing more than 100 papers on symbolic AI as a Senior Researcher (faculty member) at the University of Oxford & as lab leader at the Unit of Computational Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institute (the institution that awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology).