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Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck

Authors and Directors

Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck became famous with their cinema documentary "The Cleaners", which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2018, was nominated for an Emmy Award and received a Grimme Award.

Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block (both *1985) studied directing at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch" in Berlin. Under the label "Laokoon", they develop innovative forms of theater together with other artists*, as well as essays, lecture performances and radio plays that deal with the question of how our idea of man and society is changing in the digital age. In September 2020 their first joint book "The digital Soul" (Orig.: "Die digitale Seele") was published by Goldmann Verlag. In it, they talk about their encounters with start-up founders who, with the help of machine learning, read out the personality of deceased people from extensive personal behavior and communication data sets and transfer this personality to virtual revenants. According to Riesewieck and Block, the skilful transfiguration of AI will open up a gigantic market and launch a new secular story of salvation: the idea of digital immortality.