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Rosemary Lee







IT-University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark



Rosemary Lee is a practicing artist and media studies researcher. She recently completed her PhD at the IT-Unversity of Copenhagen, examining the influence machine learning has on notions of the image. Through practice-led, interdisciplinary research, Lee’s artistic and theoretical investigations critically engage with historical tendencies in discourse surrounding technology which continue to shape current perspectives. Her work has been disseminated internationally in art and research contexts related to AI, including the Artificial Creativity Virtual Conference at Malmö Univerity, the Dark Eden Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference hosted by UNSW Sydney, and the transmediale festival for art and digital culture at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Lee’s recent exhibitions include Reprogramming Earth (Neme, Limassol, CY), Perpetual Interpreter (LOKALE, Copenhagen, DK), SCREENSHOTS (Galleri Image, Aarhus, DK), Ubiquitous Futures (CATCH, Helsingør, DK) and machines will watch us die (The Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK).

Questions with regard to Artificial Intelligence

How does the use of artificial intelligence in art expand upon historical notions concerning the role of technology in visual media?

What can be gained from considering algorithmically produced images in terms of epistemology instead of ontology, as they have primarily been treated?

Can algorithmic methods of image production be thereby understood as ways of knowing about the world, rather than ways of being in the world?