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Daniele Di Mitri







DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education




My name is Daniele Di Mitri. I was born in Bari, south of Italy. My mother was a teacher, my father a software engineer. From them, I inherited two main passions: education and technology. Since high school, I am on a mission to improve access to education. Starting off as a student activist, I later joined the board of two European NGOs in the field of lifelong learning. At the age of 19, I founded a web development company and started my studies in computer science. In my bachelor thesis, I focused on how learning analytics can improve school assessment. Thereafter, I realised I wanted to learn more about data science. I moved to the Netherlands and enrolled in the master of AI at Maastricht University. During my studies, I took part in the excellence research programme at IBM, where I learned more about the business side of AI. I followed up my AI master with a PhD on learning analytics and wearable sensors at the Open University Netherlands. My PhD thesis, “The Multimodal Tutor”, describes the potentials of using multimodal data to support practical learning experiences through automatic feedback. In 2020, I joined the EduTec group at the DIPF in Frankfurt as a group leader. My current focus is on creating responsible AI for education and human support. Especially during Covid-19, AI can tackle learning in isolation by widening access to education and allowing people to train practical skills. Becoming the AI newcomer of 2021 will help me along with my mission.

Questions with regard to Artificial Intelligence

How can we best interface artificial intelligence applications with humans to ultimately support human learning, support their goal achievement and boost human productivity?